The Aliens came back to Earth to capture Babolex and keep him prisoner in Space.


Collection name


Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

1.2 SOL

Average price

3.4 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

7.0K SOL




Join the Whitelist, give your email to be selectioned in priority during the sale a few days later.

Golden ticket sale (SOL & Euros)

The capsule collection will reach the earth at 10:00pm (GMT+1, Paris), and you’ll only get a few moments to obtain your Golden Ticket from the Swipe Up link shared by Vincent Faudemer on his Instagram and Telegram Channel. These Golden tickets will be redeemable for an NFT from December 10 without any time limit.

Last sale

As the first sale was a huge success, you’ll only get a few minutes to get one of the 3,200 Golden Ticket left.

Reveal Day

AlienX Golden Ticket owners will have the opportunity to swap (or not) their Alien GT for an Alien X NFT.

250.000€ MS Motor Voucher Reward

1 NFT AlienX will have a special MS Motors trait with a unique design feature, whoever owns this NFT will receive a voucher worth 250,000 euros to be used at MS Motors in Cannes.

AlienX Chrome Rewards

1000 AlienX Chrome Sculptures, with a height of 10 cm, will be randomly gifted to Holders of Golden Tickets and NFTs not listed on the secondary market websites. Each unit value will be 750€

500.000€ or 100 x 5.000€ reward

1 draft of €500,000 will be offered to one of the AlienX holders by consultation and vote of the Vincent Faudemer community, to determine the winning of a contest *: 1 prize of €500,000 offered to one of the holders AlienX, 100 prizes of €5,000 offered to AlienX holders

10.000€ Rolex watches Rewards

During the entire period of holding by our collectors of their Golden tickets or NFTs, Holders will be rewarded with a Rolex worth around 10,000 euros each month during a random scan of the Solana Wallets, and this for the entirety of 2022. We will regularly ask the community what their favorite giveaways would be, our dedicated budget for that will be around 130,000 euros just for the year of 2022.