5,000 unique BabyApes living in the Solana Blockchain.


Collection name


Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.26 SOL

Average price

3.79 SOL

Volume Trade

8.6K SOL

Mint Price

0.69 SOL




Launch 5,000 BabyApes to the community

Listing on secondary markets

Digitaleyes, more to be confirmed later.

Community Fund

25% of Creators' fee will go into the BabyApes Community Fund. 100% of the Community Fund's allocation will be decided by holders of BabyApes. A DAO system will be set up and a fair voting system will be introduced.

Launch Clothing Line

BabyApes Clothing line. A proportion of the initial sales will go into the following investments: # Product development for the BabyApes clothing line # BabyApes clothing line will go on sale on the website # Physical pop-up stores for clothing line launched in cities around the world, we will start in Asia and expand globally # BabyApes mass marketing in popular cities, start in Asia and expand globally. Advertisement at art galleries, popular venues, zoos, BabyApes Graffiti around famous hip areas in the city # Collaboration with popular household premium brands (phone cases - like Casetify) and move towards luxury brands in the future (e.g. Gucci) The long-term objective is to turn BabyApes into a multinational recognised brand similar to Supreme. The roadmap is aggressive, we know. At BabyApes, we are aiming for Mars, not the moon ** Hypothetically, owning BabyApes now, might just mean one day you're an early investor in a unicorn startup.

Future Projects

Collaborations, New Collection, Airdrops. The future is very exciting, lets make BabyApes into the next BlueChip NFT! BabyApes Together Strong!