Boss Bulls Club

An Ultra-Realistic 3D Generative NFT Collection on Solana. The incredible art of the BOSS BULLS ™ Club sets a higher standard of quality for generative NFTs.


Collection name

Boss Bulls Club

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.1 SOL

Average price

1.99 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

12.1K SOL

Mint Price

1.25 SOL



100% focus on ART quality

NFTs are immutable and forever. We only have one chance to do it right, so we obsess over quality and review all details to ensure the perfect mint of all 9,999 Boss Bulls.

successful LAUNCH

We are working hard to ensure a smooth mint. There are no whitelists or pre-sales, giving everyone the same chances. Take notice: our website is the only place to mint!

Marketplace Listing

We are 100% confirmed and ready to be listed on ALL marketplaces on Solana, including but not limited to Solanart, Magic Eden, SolSea, FTX, Alpha Art, Digital Eyes, etc.

Metaverse and Talent Recruitment

We are already discussing partnerships with existing Metaverse projects and attracting top talent to build upon our solid art foundation. We'll expand our team and work on bringing this feature to market while we work on other things in parallel.

Release of Rarity table

We worked hard on the rarity table to ensure correct distribution rare traits. We also have a more granular rarity compared to other projects. This is because of the quality and quantity of beautiful traits we created — over 250.

The BOSS Incubator

We will help smaller projects that pass our standards of quality with growing an audience, marketing, mentoring, etc. This will come in exchange for benefits to our Club members.

BOSS Bulls, Inc

To bring even more benefits to our Club, we might have to incorporate — like Yuga Labs LLC x Bored Ape Yacht Club. We will consult the legalities, benefits, and liabilities of doing this first, but if we can, it will open the doors to all sorts of real-world benefits and partnerships.

Early Investment Opportunities

Club members will have access to early investment in great projects getting started with the Boss Incubator. Discussions will happen in exclusive channels where proof of ownership is required to join.

BOSS Token

Boss Tokens will be airdropped to NFT holders, and further supply will be minted as a reward for staking (locking up for a specific time) your Boss Bull. Users will use BOSS to pay for upgrades, mint new NFTs on special candy machines, and more. Swaps and liquidity pools will be available on Saber and Raydium.

Realistic Action Figures

This is an example of the quality we're going for. We will commission 1/6th and 1/18th ultra-realistic models of popular Boss Bulls with outstanding quality. They are going to look incredible on your desk, office table, or displayed in your collection.

Events Around the World

Our Treasury will sponsor small events around the world for the NFT holders. Likely an excellent ROI for everyone as the publicity will increase demand for Boss Bulls on marketplaces attracting even more investors.

Play-to-Earn (P2E) Game

Play to earn BOSS Tokens, upgrade your Boss Bull with new in-game attributes, level up by completing challenges (single player or with friends), and battle other Boss Bulls in beautiful scenarios.

Special in-game abilities

Particular traits will give special abilities depending on character, situation, and context. For example, Bulk and Bull of War traits will provide characters with longer rage bars; Pirate traits will receive extra health on water levels, etc.