Daring Dragons

Daring Dragons is a collection of 5555 hand-drawn, unique NFTs, existing eternally in the dungeons and skies of the Solana.


Collection name

Daring Dragons

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.08 SOL

Average price

0.6 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

4.7K SOL



Stage 1: In Preparation for the sale

Artwork and Attributes - Run the imagination wild to draw, optimize and redraw artworks and attributes. Generation of random NFTs - Work with generating random NFTs using the artwork and attributes. Development - Develop and test the sale infrastructure for the sale. Community Building - Building a strong community of #daringdragons.

Stage 2: Sale day and immediately after the sale

Mint NFTs - Minting the actual NFTs, showcase them everywhere Rarity Matrix - Publish the rarity matrix for the community Listing - Listing on popular NFT marketplaces Charity - Donate 10% of the sale proceeds to Charity

Stage 3

Royalty fee distribution - Airdrop 60% of the royalty fee generated off from the secondary market sales, back to the NFT holders. (Recurring every 2 weeks) Charity - Donate 1% of Royalty fee to reputed charities. (Recurring every 2 weeks) Exclusive Private/Public Sale Allocation - Daring Dragons NFT will be the pass for you to unlock guaranteed private/public sale allocations of high quality crypto projects. NFT Launchpad - We will support talented artists to launch NFT projects with unique value additions. This will enable Daring Dragons NFTs to be used as exclusive passes for other high caliber NFT projects.

Stage 4

Launch the Rider NFT with enhanced personality traits. Combine Rider and Dragon NFTs to develop specific missions in search of Eggs. Airdrop surprise Dragon eggs to holders. (Await the surprise!).