Degen Ape Society

A Society of 997 Degen Apes ready to take over Solana Forest!! #LetsGoWild


Collection name

Degen Ape Society




MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.16 SOL

Average price

2.5 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

3.9K SOL

Mint Price

1.27 SOL



NFT Launch (Phase 1)

The creation of the Degen Ape Society art along with effective marketing to spread awareness of our Elite Apes. The Degen Ape's are scheduled to rule over the Solana Forest's on the 19th of December (Completed & Sold Out in 2 Minutes).

Ready for War (Phase 2)

The Apes are ready for war. The creation of a Holder Dao with Alpha's of the Space to get insights on NFT's & the Crypto World. Apes unite together & flood the world with Degen Apes to make more Living Beings aware about our Apes. The development of our P2E game & $AP (Ape Power) Token begins.

Ruling Solana Forest (Phase 3)

The Apes have taken over the Solana Forest & are ready to settle down with Degen Lady Apes. The Launch of Lady Apes will take place. All holder's of Degen Apes will be given priority to Mint the Degen Lady Apes. We start ramping up things & use efficient marketing tools to promote the Degen Ape Society as a whole.

Gen2 & P2E Game (Phase 4)

Daily Airdrops of the $AP begin. Breeding will be introduced & Holder's of Degen Apes & Degen Lady Apes will be able to reproduce Degen Baby Apes by burning their $AP tokens. Our play to earn NFT game will be launched. Holder's can engage with our Play to Earn Game to earn more $AP tokens & Win expensive NFT's.

Building a Village for the Apes (Phase 5)

The creation of the art of Degen Ape Village begins. Deploying Apes to the Metaverse to cause Chaos in the Solana Forest & build relationships with fellow apes. The Creation of 1/1 Legendary Apes Begin in collaboration with renowned artists of the NFT Space.


Society Founder
Community And Marketing Manger
Lead Developer
Social Media Manager