Dope Apes

Dope Apes is 3333 unique Gen 1 avatars on the Solana blockchain. Access to Dope DAO for exclusive rewards, events & perks. Dope Staking allows holders to stake & earn $DOPIES daily with a bonus staking reward mechanic.


Collection name

Dope Apes

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.05 SOL

Average price

1.3 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

3.5K SOL

Mint Price

0.8 SOL



Pre-sale mint

530 Dope Apes will be pre-minted by Alpha Apes a few hours before the public mint launch, allowing the early supporters to secure their mint.

Public mint

The remaining Dope Apes will be minted by the public. We’ll ensure the minting process is smooth by stress-testing the mint website.

Rarity chart

The rarity chart will be released to the community after the public mint launched.

Secondary marketplace listings

Team will work to ensure we are listed on all major secondary marketplace platforms, such as Solanart, Magic Eden & Digitaleyes ect.

Add funds to community wallet

We want to ensure the community shares the benefits of being part of Dope Apes. Portions of the funds raised will be given back to the community.

Early supporter rewards

10 out of the first 1000 holders will be airdropped a Dope Apes NFT as a reward.

Sweep Floors

The royalty of secondary marketplace sales will be used to sweep the floor of Dope Apes.

Dope Apes Lottery

Dope Apes NFT holders are able to participate in the lottery to win SOL.

Gen 2 Dope Apes airdrop

Every Gen 1 Dope Apes holder will have an entry to receive an airdrop, the more you hold, the more entry you get.

Gen 2 launch

Secondary marketplace platforms listings of Gen 2 Dope Apes

Merch store

Team will be launching a merch store and 20% of the merchs profit will be given to the community

Dope Apes DAO

Dope Apes staking pools will be released with the community DAO, ensuring the growth and profit of the community.

The future...

More info & events coming soon.

Gen 2 staking

The baby apes will be ready to stake! Multiplier Staking from Gen 1 will be implemented in Gen 2 as well, ensuring a higher passive income for every holder.

Community Voting

We are always open to any kind of ideas & feedback, therefore there'll be times when Community Voting is essential. We wanted to ensure every vote is being considered, therefore every vote would require burning your $DOPIES in order to vote.

Legendary Auction

Partnering up with platforms that provide NFT auctions, we'll be auctioning our latest & unrevealed Legendary Dope Apes. Besides this, we'll be developing our very own auction system in which you can only use $DOPIES to participate.

Gen 2 game

Gen 2 game will be launched with a rewarding system for every Gen 2 holder. There will be $DOPIES burning mechanic in the game & the game will only be accessible by Gen 2 holders.

Dope Adventure(Breeding)

Introducing the Dope Adventure, the Dope Apes & Dope Baby Apes will take on an adventure to search for a long-lost family member. Adventure is full of danger & unpredictable incidents, $DOPIES will be needed to complete or even speed up the adventure!

Staking Journey

We value every hardcore staker, to challenge & also reward them. We'll develop an alternative staking mechanic where staker will let their Dope Apes go for a journey. When the Dope Apes returned, a higher volume of $DOPIES will be earned compared to the regular staking mechanic.

Gen 2 NFT tool

1 second in NFT world might be 1 minute in the real world. Every Gen 2 holder will be able to access a private channel where they can get the latest info on upcoming NFT.

Dope Apes Club

It's time for the Dope Apes to enter Metaverse! We'll be having our club in the Metaverse, events, games, AMA & many more exciting things will be held in it. We're looking at Sandbox Metaverse right now, more details will be announced soon.


Dope Rock
Dope Rock
Dope Baby
Dope Baby
Dope Captain
Dope Captain
Community & Marketing Manager