Eternal Beings

Floating in the ominous orbit of Pluto where 11,111 Eternal Beings are found. Welcome your Eternal being to their new home, it’s been a long journey from Pluto.


Collection name

Eternal Beings

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.05 SOL

Average price

1.99 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

33.2K SOL

Mint Price

2.5 SOL




The launch on 09/27/2021 will mark just the beginning of Eternal Beings as our post launch marketing strategy will be deployed rapidly. The second phase will begin utilizing more celebrity ambassadors and marketing tactics that are still under wraps.


We will be offering an exclusive Lil Uzi Vert performance and backstage access experience to one lucky Eternal Beings NFT holder! The only rules are you MUST hold an Eternal Beings NFT at the time of our random snapshot and keep your eyes peeled for announcements post-launch!


Eternal Beings begins limited merchandising drop that will be available to Eternal Being NFT holders. We had the chance to really sit down and make sure this merch delivers on creativity, quality, and exclusivity. Stay tuned we can’t wait to see our community sporting the merch!


We will begin developing an exclusive collection for those who are holding an Eternal Being, this collection will be separate from the Baby Uzi’s and will be a VERY limited Pink Tape collection which a % of proceeds will be donated to a Breast Cancer charity live on our Instagram.


All Eternal Beings holders will be airdropped a Baby Uzi NFT 2-3 weeks after launch, a snapshot of all Eternal Beings NFT holders will be randomly taken during this time period granting those who held the reward of a Baby Uzi NFT being airdropped.