Fancy Frenchies

Found in the cute and cuddly section of the metaverse, one can find 10,000 Fancy Frenchies barking all over the Solana blockchain.


Collection name

Fancy Frenchies

Number of NFT





Opensea, MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.12 SOL

Average price

3.6 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

50.5K SOL

Mint Price

1.8 SOL



Phase 1

DAO roll out with community wallet that the DAO council will facilitate and propose spending to the rest of the DAO community.

Phase 2

Our own custom marketplace where all fees will go back into the project/community wallet and implement taxes on those who sell for less than their purchase price.

Phase 3

The Fancy Frenchies long awaited breeding program is releasing following the video game release in phase 4!

Phase 4

The Fancy Frenchies NFT/Virtual Pet/Play 2 Earn game will introduce a brand new way to interact with your Frenchies! Feed, pet; and play with your Frenchies in full 3D and enjoy collectiong/earning rewards as you go! Join our Twitter/Discord to keep up to date with our dev logs.

Phase 5

Opening of the Fancy Frenchies Non-Profit Animal Shelter