Flippies is an NFT project on the Solana blockchain infused with Social and Gaming elements.


Collection name


Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

2.2 SOL

Average price


Mint date


Volume Trade

8.5K SOL

Mint Price




Initial sale

Flippies will only be sold on Solanium. For a fair distribution, multiple sale rounds will be held for the NFT participants. No gas wars, bots and scam attempt to make it easier for the average user to enter an NFT sale. Check out Solanium for an in-depth explanation of the lottery style.


10.000 Flippies distributed to all sale participants on the Solanium platform. This distribution will be truly randomized in the light of Solanium lottery-style with fair and transparent launches.

Flippies discord channels

Our private Flippies-only discord channels has officially opened up to the Flippies family!

Solana blockchain event

During the Solana breakpoint event, Flippies will be marketed all over the city in Lisbon. A scavenger hunt will take place from 7-10 November. Search for those Flippies in the city centre and Solana event in Lisbon. Snap a picture and share it with the Flippies community to redeem that Flippies! More information and rules regarding this scavenger hunt will be announced soon.

Flippies Christmas event

Christmas is all about family! Being in Flippies means that we are a family. As a family, Flippies will support the penguins and donate to a penguin charity! The charity amount will be based on the transaction amount made of the whole month December. The donation will happen in January. Your trading activities with flippies will make a difference to penguins lives. Full transparency will be shown!

Exclusive merch

The Flippies community will be given exclusive Flippies merch for free! This merch is limited for true holders and big community supporters. The winners will get their Flippies printed on a T-shirt, sweater, poster or keychain. Show your support in the Flippies and Solana community to be eligible for a chance to win the limited merch!

Flippies marketplace and shop

A unique and updated marketplace will be released for Flippies trading. This marketplace is built by the Flippies in-house team with the community wishes in mind! Holders will have the ability to sell their Flippies on a trusted marketplace within the community with benefits of lower transaction fees and anti-fake listing for the community. Furthermore, a Flippie shop will be launched! Official merchandise will be released and sold! Holders will have discounts and will be able to buy their Flippie merchandise!

Flippies game

Flippies team has been busy developing a unique game for the community! We will update the community of the progress in due time.

Flippies future

Flippies are collectables within the Solana Blockchain. New projects will be introduced in the future to build an even greater community within Solana. This begins by empowering the community. We are planning to create a Flippies leaderboard and Flippies game for the Flippies family. Once this foundation has been laid for the Flippies family the goal is to grow bigger in the ecosystem, fund and empower newer projects within Solana.


Right-hand man
Lead designer
Jack of all trades