Guardians are a collection of 3,333 extremely detailed, fully 3D rendered Protectors of the Metaverse. Each and every Guardian trait has been built from the ground up to ensure that every Guardian has a unique and distinct appearance.


Collection name


Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.08 SOL

Average price

0.78 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

1.2K SOL

Mint Price

0.33 SOL




We will launch the full mint of 3,333 Guardians on November 6th at 10PM UTC for presale, and 10:30PM UTC for public sale.


Following the drop we will donate a portion of proceeds to a community-voted charity. Fully minted this will be the equivalent of $25,000 USD to two charities. We created Guardians with the intention of doing what a real Guardian would, helping those who need it.


The Legion of Guardians will be our DAO, formed for Guardian holders shortly following launch. The benefits of joining the Legion are countless, and members will be given some of the best benefits in the NFT space. Holding a Guardian makes you a member of the Legion of Guardians. Members of the Legion will receive 85% of secondary market royalties for each Guardian held, paid out weekly (starting 2 weeks after mint is complete). This means if you hold 5 Guardians, you get 5x the royalties. Additionally, we have already secured a launchpad partnership with Beanverse to give our Legion members 5% of their mint proceeds. This is the first of many partnerships to give value back to our community, and just one of the countless benefits to join the Legion. Other benefits will include access to exclusive early access and presale for future Guardians projects, presale and whitelists for partnered projects, airdrops, giveaways and more to come.


Members of the Legion will have unique opportunities to feature their Guardians on products we release in the future. Current plans include: 3D figures, Clothing Products, Posters / Arts and marketing products. Legion members who have their art featured by us will receive a portion of the proceeds from sales.


Currently, there are 4 large updates to Guardians that will follow shortly after launch. Backgrounds: We have already started creating beautiful handmade 3D modelled backgrounds to combine with your Guardian. These will be both available to mint, as well as airdropped to some certain members of the Legion (announced at a later date). You can see some prototypes of this in the sneak peeks channel of our Discord. Companions: Every Guardian needs a companion. Someone to join them in their difficult job. We are currently developing companions and battle pets to assist your Guardian. We will release more info on this later, but we have some very special plans for this. Virtual Guardians: We will be turning each Guardian into a 3D modelled and rigged full body VR compatible character. This means you’ll be able to play as your Guardian in VRchat and other compatible programs. Launchpad partnerships: We are working with other incredible projects to secure a portion of mint sales and other benefits to Guardian holders. Our first partnership with Beanverse has already started, and we have a few more in the works right now.