Impostors Genesis Aliens

The Impostors Genesis Aliens represent the foundational NFT collection of the Impostors ecosystem, and serve as passes the Impostors Genesis Season which will play host to seven unique events. Only 10,420 of these intergalactic creatures will ever exist! Each Genesis Character has a combination of over 200 traits and will provide stat-based advantages in various metaverse game modes. Impostors is a social gaming metaverse that bridges the gap between today’s Twitch culture and the future of immersive metaverses. The game is built in Unreal Engine and the team consists of over 30 world-class engineers and builders with experience working at AAA studios including Epic Games, Roblox, Pixar, and more. Impostors brings a breath of fresh air into the gaming and crypto world by creating a social gaming metaverse that is truly player-owned and powered.


Collection name

Impostors Genesis Aliens

Number of NFT






Floor Price

0.46 ETH

Market cap

6,444 ETH

Average price

1.96 ETH

Mint date


Volume Trade

20.9K ETH



Mint Price

0.69 ETH



Week 2 - Staking

Stake your Impostors NFT and start earning $BLOOD

Week 4 - UFOs

Genesis UFOs mint

Week 6 - Pets

Genesis Pets mint

Week 8 - Materials

Materials are used to upgrade UFOs and train Pets

Week 10 - Cosmetics Chest

Look fly in the game with some loot

Super Sus Week - Closed Beta Access Pass

Let the games begin with our sus community!

Season Culmination - Genesis Land Mint

Combine your full item set into ImpostorVerse land!


Elliot Wainman
Elliot Wainman
Co-Founder of SuperFarm
Tim Clancy
Tim Clancy
Lead Blockchain Architect at SuperFarm
Marty Caplan
Marty Caplan
Head of Blockchain Game Vertical at Amber