Launched on August 10th, 2017, the MoonCatRescue Insanely Cute Operation was a success! The 25440 MoonCats rescued are acclimating to their life as fully on-chain collectible critters. Vintage, generative, and a pioneer of fair distribution, MoonCats can also be customized in the on-chain MoonCatBoutique! Owners have Personal and Commercial License to their MoonCat's imagery.


Collection name


Number of NFT






Floor Price

0.27 ETH

Market cap

18,215 ETH

Average price

1.05 ETH

Mint date


Volume Trade

18.8K ETH






Boutique has been opened! Initial bugs have been squashed, and the MoonCat shopkeepers are now focused on quality of life improvements to make shopping at the Boutique and designing accessories an even more pleasant experience.


Does your MoonCat crave a cold, refreshing beverage after a long day's romp around the blockchain? How about a cold, refreshing beverage, with your MoonCat's image on it?! MoonCatPop is opening a soda shop, and will be looking for a select few MoonCats to become spokes-kitties for their own line of virtual pop. MoonCat owners who purchase a MoonCatPop vending machine will be able to vend virtual soda cans from it to other Ethereans with the likeness of their MoonCat (including any Boutique accessories!) on it. Proceeds of soda can sales go to the owner of the MoonCatPop Vending Machine it came from, but there's a limited supply of vending machines (256 total), and each vending machine only has so many cans (100 cans) available to vend.

MoonCats Now 100% On-Chain

The MoonCats' DNA has always been on-chain, but image generation was done off-chain – however, all this changed on January 13th 2022! Learn more about how the contracts interact, and see your MoonCat generated fully on-chain over on our Lore Post, and see a longer breakdown on our About Page. For many members of the NFT community, being on-chain is important, and it was important to us too. After many months of hard work, we're pleased this became a reality. So long as the Ethereum blockchain is alive and well, so are your MoonCats!