NFT Worlds

NFT Worlds is the most capable & flexible metaverse platform. Each NFT World is an explorable, limitless world that can be built into anything you can imagine. NFT Worlds are Minecraft compatible, massively multiplayer, have extensive developer APIs, are decentralized, and more.


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NFT Worlds

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0.96 ETH

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12,483 ETH

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2.32 ETH

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54.3K ETH



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0.2 ETH



Play To Earn Faucet (Q2 2022)

A large percentage of the $WRLD token supply is reserved for what we call “Play To Earn Rewards”. These rewards will be delegated for distribution through the “Play To Earn Faucet''. This faucet is a system that gives metaverse owners access to distributions of $WRLD specifically intended to be used to reward players in their metaverses for winning competitions, participating in games, completing quests and more. This gives any metaverse with “Play To Earn Faucet” access on NFT Worlds a way to create incentives to bring value seeking players into their world to play, earn and promote. Overall aiding the growth of the NFT Worlds playerbase. Access to the faucet will require worlds to stake predefined amounts of $WRLD tokens in order to access various tiers of disbursements. This staked $WRLD will be held as collateral by the faucet contract and slashed if the metaverse entrusted with faucet disbursements misuses their $WRLD allocations in any way that goes against the established player disbursement rules. When slashed, a violator loses access to further faucet disbursements and has their staked $WRLD confiscated to reimburse the faucet treasury for misused tokens. Faucet tier access will be available on a per-world basis, based on activity KPI’s

Revised Tokenomics (Q2 & Q3 2022)

We’ll be adjusting the existing $WRLD tokenomics to better serve the NFT Worlds’ ecosystem for the long term. To start, token supply allocations will be slightly adjusted. - Play-to-earn rewards will be reduced from 50% to 35% of the total token supply. - This 15% reduction will be repurposed to meet requirements related to centralized exchange listings, including allocations for market makers. Additionally, we will introduce new mechanisms to stabilize $WRLD and promote healthy TVL while maintaining a variety of DAO controlled levers and parameters. These new mechanisms include, but are not limited to, the following: - $WRLD staking! Staking $WRLD token will reward the staker with $veWRLD, or vote escrowed WRLD and staking rewards. Further details will be provided in the coming tokenomics update whitepaper. - $veWRLD is a governance token, but it can also be used to earn exclusive in-game items, cosmetics, and player titles based on the amount held by a player. - $WRLD can be staked to a specific world to help meet that world’s play-to-earn faucet staking requirements. Staking to a specific world yields $WRLD rewards based on that world’s performance and marketplace activity. - There will be $WRLD buyback systems for $veWRLD. If a $veWRLD holder wants $WRLD liquidity before the end of their lockup period, they can swap $veWRLD through a buyback system at a reduced rate. Lastly, a variety of $WRLD sinks are in active development and will be introduced to the NFT Worlds ecosystem as they are completed. We will provide details on tokenomics mechanisms and all of the $WRLD sinks in development in our NFT Worlds tokenomics whitepaper, scheduled for release near the end of April, 2022.

WRLD Name Service (Q2 2022)

The WRLD Name Service is a cross-network vanity address alternative to ENS. Operating on both Ethereum and Polygon, the WRLD Name Service allows anyone to spend $WRLD tokens to register a .wrld vanity name that maps back to a wallet address. When transferring $WRLD token to another address or using $WRLD to pay for something in game, the recipient address can be a .wrld address and will automatically resolve to the associated wallet address. WRLD Name Service names will be supported across NFT Worlds’ $WRLD transfer systems, pay systems, in-game trading systems, and our marketplace to start. Other services may choose to adopt support for WRLD Name Service in the future as well.

ERC1155 NFT Worlds Items (Q3 2022)

A metaverse wouldn’t be complete without the ability for players to earn in-game items by completing quests, performing tasks, winning competitions, completing raids, and participating in other types of gamified reward mechanisms. We are actively expanding the NFT Worlds API to support the creation and minting of in-game items so that creators can reward players with NFT based items, or offer mintable items directly for sale in game. These items will exist under a unified ERC1155 NFT World Items contract. Lastly, some metaverses may be interested in creating their own secondary token outside of $WRLD to support certain types of internal project utility. This will be possible through the NFT Worlds Items system. For example, consider a “Gold” fungible token exclusive to some specific NFT Worlds metaverse that is used to access premium perks and items. Through the NFT Worlds Items system, the metaverse crator may issue 1,000,000 $GOLD and sell them to players for $WRLD either in game or through the market. $GOLD could also be used to reward players, and the purchasing of specific items or content could require $GOLD rather than $WRLD. The NFT Worlds Items smart contract will live on the Polygon network to allow gasless minting and trading.

Influencer Marketplace (Q3 2022)

We’ve been bombarded with requests from streamers and influencers across Twitch, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. While we do intend to work with some influencers in the future, we see an even greater opportunity here for our ecosystem. We’ve begun establishing an NFT Worlds Influencer Marketplace similar to our Builders Marketplace. Any project or individual operating a metaverse on NFT Worlds will be able to openly negotiate with a wide range of verified influencers to create content for or stream the playable experiences within their metaverse to drive more player awareness. This will function as a free market, just like our builders marketplace, with influencers able to set their rates and packages as they see fit. Expect the NFT Worlds Influencer Marketplace Discord server to go live in late Q2 or early Q3, 2022.

Rental Marketplace (Q2 2022)

As the floor price on NFT Worlds has risen, talented creators have been priced out of our platform. To solve this, we created the NFT Worlds Rental system. This system was partially deployed in Roadmap 1.0, with all of its functionality baked into the world staking contract. During Roadmap 2.0, we’ll be releasing the public-facing rental marketplace dApp, where anyone can rent a listed NFT World at a rate set by the world’s holder. Aside from ownership, a rented world is fully controlled by the renter. The renter can update the world, deploy their metaverse on the world, and earn $WRLD token from economies they create in their metaverse. As long as the renter remains current on their rental payments, they can continue to operate their metaverse on the rented world. Renters can negotiate rental period extensions with owners upon a rental period ending or frictionlessly migrate their metaverse to another rented world.

$WRLD Marketplace (Q2/Q3 2022)

The $WRLD marketplace is an ERC721 and ERC1155 trading platform natively built into the NFT Worlds Game Client and will also be available through the NFT Worlds website. This marketplace allows world owners to list their metaverse’s NFT Collections for trading amongst players using $WRLD. Additionally, the buying, selling, and trading of NFT Worlds Items, Avatars and Cosmetic items will all operate through this marketplace. The $WRLD marketplace will also implement new APIs for in-game trading of NFTs, items and avatars amongst players natively through an updated NFT Worlds Game Client UI. The $WRLD marketplace will feature gasless trading and have a flat trade fee of 2.5% of the $WRLD value for any given trade performed directly through the marketplace or in game. Royalties for the various collections from metaverses built on NFT Worlds will be supported as well. A significant amount of the trade fees will be indefinitely rewarded to holders of NFT Worlds Genesis Avatars. The remainders of the fees will be used for redistribution and lockup mechanisms.

Avatars & Player Cosmetics (Q2 2022)

In any online game, customizing what a player looks like is incredibly popular. By default, Minecraft only supports low resolution skins - but that’s not great for a fully expressive metaverse player experience. We’ve completely revamped what players can look like. We’ve done this through the NFT Worlds Game Client, allowing ultra high resolution player models, support for equippable cosmetic items, and more. Additionally, any project building their metaverse on NFT Worlds will have access to creating cosmetic items and content and custom player avatars through our avatars & cosmetics programs. All avatars and cosmetic items will be tradeable on the $WRLD marketplace and other standard marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. Avatars and items will be equippable through the NFT Worlds Game Client.

Genesis Avatars (Q2 2022)

NFT Worlds’ Genesis Avatars is a collection of 15,000 unique avatar NFTs that will be available for whitelist mint April 30th and public mint May 1st, 2022.

Portal Mechanics (Q2 2022)

Frictionless interoperability between metaverses within the NFT Worlds ecosystem is key to our vision. We envision a future where someone can play in their favorite NFT Worlds metaverses, lean on their curiosity, and discover and explore portals to other metaverses connected to or partnered with the metaverses they frequent. Where these portals are placed and where they lead is entirely up to the each metaverse creator. We see this mechanism as being simple in design but incredibly robust, having all sorts of unique and exciting use cases.

Overhauled Graphics & UI (Q2 & Q3 2022)

While NFT Worlds is built on Minecraft, we aim to improve on the default visual styling of Minecraft. We’ve already begun doing this through the implementation of custom visual shaders that modify things like lighting, shadows, water, and particle effects in worlds played through the NFT Worlds Game Client. As we continue developing the game client, we’ll be introducing high resolution graphics that override the default Minecraft graphics, updated default models for vanilla Minecraft, and more. Please keep in mind that the look and feel of NFT Worlds will always be voxel-based. We are continually developing the NFT Worlds Game Client and in-game user interfaces. They will see continual improvements through Q2 and Q3, 2022.

Live Video & Audio Streaming Support (Q3 2022)

Concerts? Events? Parties? Gatherings? NFT Worlds will support it all! Live and prerecorded video and audio streaming directly in a world will be released in Q3, 2022. We will provide world holders with APIs and a dashboard for video and audio management. Video screen locations can be placed directly into any area within a world, allowing creators to build full-scale concert venues with live streamed video for their players. Audio streaming will be fully configurable, providing the ability to isolate sound specific areas within a world or stream to all players at once.

Proximity Voice Chat Support (Q3 2022)

Giving turn-key flexibility for truly engaging player experiences is something we see as incredibly important for anyone building their metaverse on our platform. NFT Worlds will be offering a turn key solution for in-game proximity voice chat for players. This will be optionally implementable and configurable by any world.

$WRLD Launchpad & Promotion (Q2 2022)

Creating a large economic ecosystem for $WRLD includes creating mechanisms and incentives outside of in-game utility. Soon, we will be launching the $WRLD Launchpad program for new projects wanting to launch a metaverse with NFT Worlds. We’ll be releasing a set of ready-to-go templated contracts and codebases for teams to bootstrap and quickly launch their own NFT project using $WRLD. As we see additional innovative projects join the NFT Worlds ecosystem, we believe this is a fantastic way to offer them ways to gain immediate traction and access to funding through $WRLD. Projects interested in this program will be required to go through our KYC process and will be promoted and presented as upcoming worlds in the NFT Worlds launcher and on the NFT Worlds website. Additionally, projects that mint exclusively with $WRLD through our launchpad program will get access to discounted staking requirements for play-to-earn faucet access.

Content Creation Incentives (Q2 2022)

We will allocate a minimum of $5,000,000 to content creation and builder marketplace incentives. We recognize that for any game platform to succeed, quality game content is a must. This incentive program will reward projects and creators that launch a metaverse and meet certain KPIs, such as onboarding a certain number of new players into the ecosystem, reaching a certain playtime metric among players, and maintaining consistent engagement. The KPIs we select are intended to be useful metrics for gauging the performance of a world. Ultimately, we want to incentivize the creation of as many fun and engaging NFT World metaverses as possible! Incentives will be paid in a combination of ETH and $WRLD. This initial fund will be distributed over a targeted 2 year period.

Player Incentives (Q2 & Q3 2022)

We will allocate a minimum of $3,000,000 to player incentive programs. These programs will reward players that help onboard new and continually engaged players to our ecosystem. This will function like a referral program. We are targeting a two-year distribution period for these funds.

Marketing Ramp Up (Q2 2022 & Beyond)

We have established connections with many of the world’s top Minecraft content creators. Starting in late Q2, 2022, when more engaging worlds and content are live, we’ll begin deploying our marketing budget to build player awareness around NFT Worlds. We will do so through trusted and established content creators in the Minecraft ecosystem.

CEX listing (Q2 2022 Target)

We believe it’s incredibly important to provide as many pathways of entry into the NFT Worlds ecosystem as possible. We’ve already begun pursuing the process of major exchange listings. There are no publicly announced dates for any expected listings as of April, 2022, but we’ve set a speculative target of Q2, 2022 for some of these CEX listings.

Player $WRLD Buy In Systems (Speculative)

We are exploring ways to offer frictionless onramps for players to purchase $WRLD directly through the NFT Worlds Game Client. This is speculative, and we can make no promises as of yet, but this would open up the possibility of purchasing within the $WRLD marketplace with fiat onramps. If our due diligence, and that of our attorneys, opens this possibility up for us, you can expect to see it in the future for NFT Worlds. Please note that there will never be a cash-out offramp in the NFT Worlds launcher to convert $WRLD to ETH or some other token, stablecoin, or fiat currency.