Shkary Sharks

7533 Shkary Sharks that have migrated to the cleaner and warmer network of Solana. Drawn by hand and assembled by code, no two Shkary Sharks are the same.


Collection name

Shkary Sharks

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.24 SOL

Average price

0.61 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

7.9K SOL

Mint Price




The Dive

8,888 algorithmically generated Shkary Sharks on the Solana network. Each are unique and precious - just like the sharks that stream through our oceans.

Back To The School

Upon completion of The Dive, a charitable donation will be made to a shark-oriented charity decided on by the community

The Migration

Secondary market potential on Solanart, Magic Eden, Digital Eyes, or Solsea - and you can migrate on the day after you mint your Shkary Shark.

DAO: The Mark of Kamohoali’i

We strive to be more than just a community. Ascending your Shark to the Cape of Good (burning) mints the Mark of Kamohoali’i. This serves as a DAO holder’s token. DAO holders will have control over 100% of secondary sale royalties.

Treasury Wallet: The Grotto

20% of all secondary sale royalties remains in the Treasury, dubbed The Grotto. This will enable capital growth and community initiatives — voted on by DAO holders.

Staking & Rewards: The Shark Reefs

Sharks are afraid of nothing - and will stake everything to enhance the power of the $CHOMP. Shkary Sharks can stake and earn $CHOMP which will be used to execute upcoming mechanics within our ecosystem.

Sunken Booty

The Sunken Booty is full of rewards - the envy of Kings. Lucky Sharks could win one of four $5,000 giveaways.