Soul Dogs

9,999 retro-inspired, high-quality 3D Soul Dogs roaming on Solana


Collection name

Soul Dogs

Number of NFT





Opensea, MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

0.23 SOL

Average price

1.3 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

2.9K SOL

Mint Price

0.95 SOL



Assemble Soul Dog Wrecking Crew

To manifest our vision, we first needed to gather an awesome crew. The Soul Dog Crew is a group of talented artists and devs who all want to see a more little soul brought to the Metaverse. Our team has deep experience in game development, engineering, product marketing, and 3D design and animation.

1/1 Giveaways

Throughout launch we’ll conduct giveaways and an auction for 1/1 custom Soul Dogs (outside of the main 9999 piece collection).

Pre-sale Jan 13th 2022

We will conduct a pre-sale to reward early supporters with guaranteed access via the Soul Dogs Mintpass.

Premier Marketplace Partnership

Launch the Soul Dogs collection on the most popular Solana marketplaces after the Public Sale.

Rarity & Sales Tools

Simple and easy to use tools to track sales and check the rarity for your Soul Dog that will never have you thinking "looks rare" again.

Soul Dogs City Shop

Soul Dogs City will have its own native marketplace that will host the secondary sales of Soul Dogs NFTs and select other collections from around the Solana Community.

$BONES Token Airdrop

$BONES is the native utility token of the Soul Dogs City Metaverse and will be used to customize Soul Dogs, Dog Houses, and for future DAO voting rights.

Soul Dogs City Job Board

Put your Soul Dogs to work to earn $BONES through the Soul Dogs City Job Board.

Soul Dogs Underdog Fund Launch

The Underdog Fund is a community grant that provides creators, musicians, developers, and charitable causes with fuel to pursue their dreams. Soul Dogs City community members can apply for up to $5,000 to help them carry out their own vision. No strings attached.

Dog Houses (real estate)

We're breaking ground on the Soul Dog City 3D Metaverse by dropping a genesis collection of 3D Dog Houses. Each Dog House will have a unique address and you'll be able to visit and explore all of Soul Dogs City through our 3D Web Portal.

Soul Dogs City 3D Explorer (beta)

An immersive, interactive 3D web experience that owners and visitors explore every corner of Soul Dogs City

$BONES Liquidity for Solana NFTs

Stake selected NFTs from around the Solana community for $BONES.

DoggieDAO Launch

DAO infrastructure to allow $BONES holders to vote on proposals such as the sale of new Dog Houses, the use of treasury funds, and general project governance.

City Council Elections

Nominate new leaders of Soul Dogs City Open DAO vote for leadership roles within Soul Dogs City, the city needs a Mayor and Alpha Dogs of DoggieDAO

Soul Dogs City Merch Shop

Awesome Soul Dogs Merch

Custom Content Tooling

Tools to allow the community to create in the Soul Dogs City metaverse, and an item shop to spend $BONES to customize Dog Houses.

Soul Dogs Companions

Introducing new characters in Soul Dog City through collaboration, partnerships, and new drops!