TombStoned High Society

6,666 Stoned Skeletons rising into the metaverse in search of $JOINTS, Buds, and their $SOL.


Collection name

TombStoned High Society

Number of NFT





MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

2.2 SOL

Average price


Mint date


Volume Trade

1.1K SOL

Mint Price




PHASE ONE - Pre-Mint - We Will Rise

Collaborations with leading communities and influencers in the space to build brand awareness, create partnerships, and grow organically. Exclusive 1 of 1’s that resonate with each community or influencer will be released. 1 of 1 Auction - We will hold an auction via Magic Eden Launchpad. The highest bidder will not only receive the NFT, but a full-sized printed version of the artwork, hand-signed by our artist - Skye Green. Launch TombStoned High Society Official Website.

PHASE TWO - Mint - Resurrection

6,666 Stoned Skeletons will rise into the metaverse on the Solana blockchain. Minting - Community members will be able to revive a Stoned Skeleton from its grave in the whitelist pre-sale and public mint. Pre-sale - 63% of overall supply will be reserved for Whitelisted members and available for pre- sale. Limit one transaction per wallet. Public Mint - The remaining Stoned Skeletons will be available for public sale. Unlimited transactions per wallet. Five Legendary Stoned Skeletons will be resurrected from their sacred tomb and included in the collection. Each Legendary Stoned Skeleton will have 5x additional utility and exclusive benefits.

PHASE THREE - Post Mint - The Catacombs & The Graveyard

TombStoned High Society will be live on a Secondary Marketplace shortly after mint - There will be Secondary Sales Royalties of 7.5% on each transaction, and will be distributed evenly to; Stoned Skeleton holders (2.5%) Artist (2.5%) Core team (2.5%) Commence verification process for all Stoned Skeletons to enter the Catacombs (Holder Space). Establish TombStonedDAO within the Catacombs for all verified holders to receive various benefits. The Community Coffin (Wallet) will be established. 20% of Mint royalties, as well as 2.5% Secondary Sales royalties (mentioned above) will be allocated to the Coffin. The Coffin will be primarily controlled by Stoned Skeleton holders. Staking will be released, holders will be able to send their Stoned Skeletons back to The Graveyard to collect 7.5 $JOINTS per day, shortly after mint. Holding a Stoned Skeleton with a ‘TombStoned’ shirt or hoodie - verified by SolaLand attributes system - will allow you to receive free corresponding merchandise that will NOT be included in our public collection. Charitable Donations to the Last Prisoner Project - Cannabis Reform Nonprofit by the Team.

PHASE FOUR - Cavern of SOLs

$JOINTS launched on DexLab. Stoned Skeletons will be able to exchange the $JOINTS they have collected in the Graveyard for their SOL (Solana) in the Cavern of SOLs (DexLab). $JOINTS Airdrop to verified Stoned Skeleton Holders. Merchandise officially launched on our website for all Stoned Skeletons to purchase - 50% of proceeds on Merchandise will be returned to Stoned Skeleton Holders. Mutations - Stoned Skeletons will be able to deposit 1,000 $JOINTS into the Joint Depository in order to gain access, and venture to the deepest sections of the Cavern of SOLs in search of Mutated Munchies. They cannot travel alone. You must send your Stoned Skeleton with a Bud, but beware, only one of your Stoned Skeletons will be able to return with a Mutated Munchie. The other is left to rot in the bottom of the Cavern forever. Once consumed, Stoned Skeletons will become Stoned to the Bone and mutate. $JOINTS used to gain access to the Cavern’s deepest sections will be locked in the Joint Depository forever. Mutated Stoned Skeletons will have 2.5x additional utility, mutated Legendaries will receive 10x additional utility.


Community Donations to the Last Prisoner Project - Cannabis Reform Nonprofit. Community voted donations to Medical Cannabis Research Foundations. Community decided Metaverse Purchases such as LUX Metaverse, Portals, or Moduluc for the community to use as the ‘Virtual Catacombs’. TombStoned Partnership with Established Cannabis Dispensaries such as Chesacanna - Enchanced Wellness to exclusively sell our merchandise in their stores. Proceeds of our merchandise will be shared between; Stoned Skeleton holders (45%) Partnered Dispensaries (45%) Community Coffin (10%) TombStoned x Dispensary Pop-up events to showcase and market our Merchandise collection.

PHASE SIX - ‘Til Death Do Us Part

TombStoned Partnership with Established Growers to breed our own unique community ‘TombStoned’ Strain. Partner the Dispensaries and Grower to release the ‘TombStoned’ strain into their stores. Proceeds would be shared between; Stoned Skeleton Holders (25%) Partnered Dispensary (25%) Partnered grower (25%) Community Coffin (25%) Continue to build the TombStoned Brand, market our merchandise, and promote the community strain to some of the biggest influencers in the cannabis space. Execute additional plans that will benefit the holders of TombStoned, as well as the Brand.