3.333 Turtles that are each one-of-a-kind, algorithmically generated, strong, and collectible.


Collection name


Number of NFT





Opensea, MagicEden, Solanart

Floor Price

4.9 SOL

Average price

9.8 SOL

Mint date


Volume Trade

35.2K SOL

Mint Price

0.99 SOL



The beginning of everything

Launch 3.333 Turtles that are all different, algorithmically generated, fierce, and collectible Turtles to our community.

Secondary Markets

You can find us on all Solana nft marketplaces such as: Magic Eden, AlphaArt, DigitalEyes, ExchangeArt, Solsea and Solanart.

Help Save Baby Turtles

We donated 10% of our revenue to "Help Save Baby Turtles" (Turtle EcoTraveler: @SEEturtles & Billion Baby Turtles: @SaveHatchlings).

Supporting tokens on Solana

To show our support on Solana ecosystem we invested on the following project using a percentage of our revenue: - 10% to $BOP. - 10% to $SUNNY. - 10% to $GRAPE.

Actions for the communities benefit

Collaborations with other projects.

Help Save Baby Turtles

We made a second donation to Help Save Baby Turtles. We donated another 15k$ from our revenue to "Help Save Baby Turtles" (Turtle EcoTraveler: @SEEturtles & Billion Baby Turtles: @SaveHatchlings). There will be more future donations from our project focusing on saving and helping the turtles.

Airdrop for Turtles NFT Holders

We have given out over 4000 SOL worth of BabyApes, 520 SOL worth of Spookeletons and over 100 SOL worth of Solana Islands.

$TRTLS Token

Launched our community token for the TurtlesNFT.


Holders of $TRTLS will be able to use their token when they play at Solcasino.io.

Airdrop for NFT stakers

We airdropped 54 TurtleNFT to the stakers for free.

Daily $TRTLS Token Airdrop to the NFT holders

Hold your Turtles in your wallet and earn daily $TRTLS tokens according to your turtle skin. Take a look details in our discord.


We released a whitepaper about p2e mechanism.


We launched the p2e mechanicsm app to earn $TRTLS token on the chain.

Upgrading, Breeding Mechanisms for Turtles NFT

- Upgrade your Turtles Nfts - Breeding.