Frequently Asked Questions

The answer to all the most frequently asked questions

Will you add NFTs from other blockchain?

Currently, we have put the NFTs that are on the Ethereum and Solana blockchain, because they are the most known and used, but if the demand is high we will add other blockchains such as Tezos, BSC, Algo, Avax, etc.

How do I promote my collection on your site?

To promote your collection on, contact us through the contact form here. We will answer you within 48 hours with the procedure to follow and the information we need.

What does the red flag on some collections mean?

Thanks to our algorithms and the community that reports suspicious collections to us, we quickly detect potential scams and inform users with a red flag that it is very risky to invest in the collection.

How do I add my collection on

To add your collection to, contact us here. We will respond within 2 business days with the list of information you need to provide to be listed on our site.

One or more information is incomplete or wrong on an NFT collection, what to do?

If the information of a collection is erroneous or missing, click on the red flag at the top right to report it.